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  • FPC® will save you money on your fuel costs (guaranteed).

  • FPC® will extend the life of your engines and fuel injectors.

  • FPC® will reduce black sooty exhaust and other pollutants that otherwise would be emitted into the atmosphere.

  • FPC® will improve your engine performance.

  • FPC® will reduce contaminants in your oil and increase your oil life.

  • FPC® is a proven product.

  • FPC® has been thoroughly tested by some of the most recognized laboratories in the world– and copies of the test reports are available upon request.

  • FPC® is currently being used and/or tested by many well-established corporations in America.


Are Fuel Prices digging too deep? Fight back with FPC®!

FPC® is a fuel additive that changes the burn rate for internal combustion engines. It works by making the fuel burn more efficiently. Independent tests have confirmed that FPC® reduces fuel consumption from 4% to 8%. Depending on your cost for fuel, FPC® can save you as much as $4.00 for every $1.00 you spend on FPC®.

Besides increasing fuel economy, FPC® will extend engine life and performance. Since the engine will be burning fuel more effectively, hard carbon cannot build up on critical engine components. Hard carbon causes injector coking and accelerates engine wear.

FPC® also reduces pollutants. Laboratory tests have shown reduction in carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (carbon particulate), Particulate Emissions, sulfur dioxide (SO2), and NOx. Additionally, FPC® will reduce oil contaminants caused by soot and carbon generated in the combustion process.


At your request, onsite performance verification testing can be conducted on your own vehicles, using state-of-the-art test equipment. The results will demonstrate the improved fuel economy you can expect within your own fleet by using FPC®


FPC® International, Inc., warrants that the use of FPC® according to FPC® International, Inc. ‘s directions will increase the engine’s efficient use of fuel so that the net savings realized will exceed the purchase price of FPC®. Should the use of FPC® fail to effect such economic savings, FPC® International, Inc. shall refund to the buyer the difference between the savings in fuel costs and the cost of FPC®, but in any event not to exceed the total purchase price of FPC®.

FPC® International, Inc. further warrants that FPC® will not, when used according to the directions, damage in any way or shorten the life of internal combustion engines.


MSDS (pdf)
Diesel Benefits (pdf)
SAE Reports (pdf)


Every Drop can take you further ... and get you there cleaner.

One 8 oz. bottle treats 320 gallons of fuel and one case (six bottles) treats 1,920 gallons.

FPC's official NASCAR
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